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My experience caring for seniors has been worthwhile and a special time in my life. Working with seniors in the beginning of my career made me to come into a shock, then a realization, then acceptance of growing older in years. I have taken college courses to learn about the aged and aging, but when I really worked in depth with many seniors, what I learned in class was lived and applied to my work. I embrace the elderly with empathy, reassurance, acceptance, and a realization that they are growing older and they all need someone. Which I would like to be there to help them accept, assist them with their everyday tasks, provide them with love, compassion, companionship, two ears to listen to them, what they have to say, the experiences that they have had, provide them with comfort, assist them with strengthening exercises, and assist them with transportation, human needs, bathing, dressing, ROM exercises, personal hygiene, grooming, changing, managing their homes, their daily essentials, and their daily needs or wants. I am passionate about what I do, not because it pays me, but it allows me to build relationships, it allows me to be humane and practice my humanity, and I am happy.

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